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Скачать бесплатно Bill Seaman - Erasures And Displacements (2017)

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Bill Seaman - Erasures And Displacements (2017)

Artist: Bill Seaman
Title: Erasures And Displacements
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: eilean rec.
Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Modern Classical, Electro Acoustic
Quality: 320 / FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 1:24:48
Total Size: 197 / 391 Mb

Disc 1 :
01. A Visual Record Of Scratches Reflecting On Time
02. A Structured Removal, The Balance Of The Pulse
03. Collections Of Relational Introspections
04. Altered Instruments, The Removal Of Time
05. Entering The Library Of Collapsed Moments
06. The Somber Space Of A Word
07. Watching From Within The Library Of Melancholy Gestures
Disc 2 :
01. A Circulated Compendium Of Machinic Thoughts
02. The Lie Of The Perfect Empty Set
03. Slow Motioning Through Scattered Reflections
04. The Reflections Inherent To A Chosen Room
05. The Machinic Exhale
06. The Sea's Enfolded Signatures
07. The Illusive Space Of A Thought

"I often work by making libraries or asking people to contribute a library. With the contributed library I often give the players simple verbal instructions, or sing notes I am interested in including. With the piano, I sit down and do a series of improvisations. I then go though these and edit my favorite parts, building a series of fragment libraries, some with little or no abstraction, some greatly abstracted with Ableton Live. To make the library I basically "erase" most of the recording, and "displace" it by building up a new set of musical relations in Live (hence the title of the album) [although there are many readings to these two terms]. I compose in a very sculptural manner with Ableton, dragging things in from the libraries and trying things out often exploring chance related juxtapositions. I build up structures, cut/copy/paste complex layered sections, erase sections that are not working, loop things, and slowly construct a track going though many iterations. I often later cut away at the built up tracks, and edit the piece down, further articulating a structure. I often finish with having between 30 and 50 tracks. In the final set of passes I fully articulate the psychoacoustic space, working with panning, eq, distortion, abstraction, and reverb. I further edit and structure the parts that begin to "work". Along with the piano I make Libraries of DX7IIE sounds, electronic beats, mellotron, electronic micro-rhythms, non-location recordings from noises found on the internet, orchestral abstractions, midi instrument libraries- violin, cello, woodwinds, and I also employ highly abstracted piano. I have additionally included a library of supercollider abstractions. I also build libraries of 'abstract' guitars, playing alternate instruments through synthetic and or real amps. This method allows me to work very quickly and intuitively.

Bill Seaman - Erasures And Displacements (2017)





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Скачать бесплатно Bill Seaman - Erasures And Displacements (2017)

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